T.16000m FCS HOTAS Review

When I saw that Thrustmaster was making a more affordable HOTAS paired with and updated version of their fan-favorite T.1600m Flight Stick, I just had to have it.  The second it was available for pre-order it was purchased.  The Thrustmaster T.16000m FCS was priced at $130USD, which is significantly less than other popular HOTAS setups out […]

Saitek X56 HOTAS | Review

Welcome to Some More Star Citizen, well actually today we are going to unbox and use the X56 Rhino HOTAS kindly provided to me by Saitek.. I would also like to say that won’t influence my opinion on the item if it’s crap or I hate it or love it or am meh about it […]

Favorite Fan Made Star Citizen Maps

On ATV Episode 100th Celebration Part 2, we saw concept work for an in-game version of the ARK Starmap. The ARK Starmap is the physical representation of the known Star Citizen universe we’ll be inhabiting. Based on the $6 million USD funding goal, the game is expected to release 100 star systems. You can check […]


With the interest in Voice Packs seemingly on the rise, while Cloud Imperium Games is continuing to refine Star Citizen’s control schemes, I thought it would be a good time to discuss Voice Attack in general and why some players have elected to use it. If you’re like me, a HOTAS user, I simply don’t have […]

Ship Scale Viewer

Today we are taking a look at a couple of cool things made by the Community for looking at ship sizes and their scales. Firstly there is a Forum post on the RSI Website: https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/188124/ship-dimensions-overview/p1 Ship Dimensions Overview This contains top down pictures of all the Star Citizen ships we have the specs of & […]