Star Citizen 3.0 Fixes, Workarounds & Troubleshooting

Star Citizen 3.0 Fixes, Workarounds & Troubleshooting I have complied a list of common fixes and workarounds for Star Citizen 3.0 LIVE problems a lot of them came from Blazed Always’ Help Desk Project which is always getting updated! General Error Troubleshooting Tips: Close any instances of the game or launcher (ensure they’re closed in task manager) […]

Windows 10 Ultimate Gaming Tweak Guide

THIS GUIDE WAS UPDATED 30th DECEMBER 2017 & is STAR CITIZEN 3.0 READY I play a lot of games and haven’t found a comprehensive guide on Tweaking Windows 10 for Gaming, Performance, System Tweaks, Overclocking & Ping/Latency Improvements and all the relatively simple things you can do to give you better performance in games, a […]

Custom User.cfg Guide 3.0

Putting the ALPHA 3.0 changes here above the rest of the Guide, I have not tested all of the settings for Alpha 3.0 yet, I expect only limited amount now work. Recommended 3.0 ALPHA USER.cfg – Motion Blur, V-Sync & Shows FPS Info You can Support These Guides with the Links Below: DONATE – PATREON – YOUTUBE […]

Star Citizen Performance Guide 3.0

Updated 28th December| Star Citizen 3.0 LIVE – This Article will be updated from patch to patch with the latest setup & optimization fixes, guides and signposting. Today I am going to show you various Tweaks to Star Citizen that you can use to improve performance on slower systems or make SC look better on higher […]

Issue Council Guide & Disconnection Codes

Welcome to some more Star Citizen, today I wanted to do a brief guide about how to use the Issue Council & Disconnection Codes. Testing Star Citizen and reporting bugs on the issue council is an important part of the Alpha, participation will get you earlier access to PTU builds but also help in the […]

Drake Interplanetary Herald

The Drake Interplanetary Herald. The name rolls off the tongue with an impressive flair. I have visions of this baby dancing around in my head, thinking it might be hangar-ready in Star Citizen Alpha 2.5.  Let’s discuss this small ship that has a big place in my heart. Most players would likely agree, that the Herald isn’t the prettiest […]

Ship Buyer’s Guide – Drake Caterpillar

Welcome to the Star Citizen Ship Buyer’s Guide for the Drake Caterpillar, The Dragonfly is on Concept Sale at time of Recording until the 27th of June. But the Caterpillar is available in a Multi-Ship Pack and as a Standalone Ship. 2x Dragonflies & a Caterpillar – $300 (The Caterpillar also has LTI in this package) […]

Drake Dragonfly: Ship Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to a Ship Buyer’s & Concept Guide, the Drake Dragonfly is on Concept Sale until Monday 27th June. “The Drake Dragonfly is the perfect snub ship for anyone looking to live on the edge. With nothing separating the pilot from the dangers of space, the Dragonfly is as much an adventure as a ship! […]

New Hardpoint & Weapon Mount Sizes

I just wanted to go over the new System Star Citizen is using for Hardpoint Sizing & mounting of weapons as of the Drake Buccaneer Concept Sale: Only some ships are using the new system at the moment and others need to be updated & refactored. Don’t look at a Size 5 mount and think […]

MISC Prospector FAQ

Welcome to Some More Star Citizen, today I wanted to talk more about the Prospector & the 2 Q&As that were done for it. I’ll do a video & article like this with every concept ship Q&A compiling them and going into a bit more detail about the ship too. If you’d like to read […]