Xi'An Nox Ship Buyer's Guide

What is it?

The Aopoa or Xi’An Nox is 1 Seater Fast, Sleek, Maneuverable, open canopy Space Bike, geared towards racing & a bit of Combat on both Ground & in Space.

The Sale

It’s available on concept sale for $35 as a Warbond (which is a discounted price if you don’t use store credit) OR $40 if you are using Store Credit ex taxes.

The Sale runs until July 3rd, 2017 & during the sale comes with:

The SelfLand Hangar, Lifetime Insurance, (2 pieces of hangar flair) a Nox Model & a Nox Poster.

The Nox comes in 2 flavors the Standard Nox which in Black & the Nox Kue which comes in Silver as well as being a limited version available for the duration of the concept sale.

And there are 2 packs & 5 packs as well as 2 with a starfarer available at a discount.

The Nox is expected to cost $45 once flight-ready.

And it looks to be Flight Ready with the 3.0 Live Release soon.

Vital Stats

It has 2 Size 1 hardpoints for weapons coming with 2 M3a Laser Cannons.

It’s components are geared towards racing with competition parts whereas the Dragonfly has civilian ones which are more balanced.

It has competition standard Xi’An Engines that should give the ship a lot of speed & agility.

The Nox has a top SCM speed of 220 with Afterburner of 550.

On the ground it will float 1 meter above the ground at around 100m per second.

Nox Sizes | 5.5m long x 1.5 wide x 1.5 high

The Nox can be carried in any ship that has enough room in it’s cargo hold, and therefore SECURED there. This includes Freelancer, Cutlass (new) and Constellation as well as larger ships. For smaller ships with cargo space like the Reliant & Avenger, it can physically fit but it cannot be secured. This may lead to damage or destruction of both ships. Securing ships in Cargo areas is a mechanic that will be in Alpha 3.0

What do We Know About The Ship?

  • The Nox is more geared towards racing & combat whereas the Dragonfly is more focused at exploring and scouting & looting.
  • The Nox protects it’s pilot with armor that comes up above the rider’s back to guard a little more from behind potentially giving it’s pilot more protection than the Dragonfly and has a windscreen fully covering the front of the rider.
  • The Nox is 1 Seater & the pilot seat themselves like a racing bike compared with the upright seating of the Dragonfly which also has the bonus of being able to have an addition rear facing passenger.
  • It can be used in Space & on a Planets surface.
  • The Bike uses a holographic HUD that will be projected when you start it up.
  • It is faster & more maneuverable than the Dragonfly, tho The Nox won’t be as good on coarse terrain as the Dragonfly is, this may make the Dragonfly more competitive in certain races.
  • It can be stored in Cargo Bays of ships with enough room & it is smaller than the Dragonfly 5.5m long x 1.5 wide x 1.5 high compared to the dragonfly which is 6.5 long x 2.25 wide x 1.25 high. So that means potentially more Noxes in ships. Like the Cutlass, Freelancer & anything with an appropriately large cargobay.
  • They are suitable as light short range escorts, for ships that can deploy them.
  • The Nox is unable to enter OR exit atmosphere without the aid of a parent ship.
  • The Ship does not have a quantum OR jump drive

  • The Nox can use all it’s thrusters on the ground, it can’t really fly or anything once in gravity BUT it can use boosts of speed to do some cool maneuvers & it will be fast enough to cross water and oceans.
  • Armor is still being balanced & certain armor may restrict what seats you can sit in. They haven’t confirmed what armor will be restricted while riding the Nox OR any other ship for that matter.
  • All ships can travel pretty much indefinitely in SCM mode, Afterburner fuel is limited tho.
  • It hovers at all times, using emergency power, no landing gear.
  • Currently the Nox will lean with you when you strafe, and when you are done with the yaw portion of the turn, you will continue to lean until you stop skidding.
  • The Nox has NO space for extra storage at all, only what you character carries. The Dragonfly has an advantage here with the ability to take cargo OR another passenger.
  • You’ll probably be able to paint your ship and add decals to quite a high level of customization. BUT the sovereignty of limited edition “skins” or “versions” will still be there, it’s still going to have that original special finish feel. They exploring the idea of unique badges and identifiers for the limited edition variants.  While you may be able to paint a standard Nox silver in the future, it won’t ever be a “Nox Kue.”
  • In the future we will be able to switch components out of the Dragonfly & Nox, there will be better Competition Grade Components for Racing BUT probably ones more combat, stealth orientated or other role focused types too. They are vehicle sized components which are smaller than the Ship Small/Light Components.
  • The Nox has the ability to manage it’s emissions & components to be more stealthy, just like every other ship & vehicle.
  • The Nox is designed for speed, travel & racing. It will be very good at flanking on the ground too, due to it’s speed and 2 size 1 fixed weapons, it has no ability to change these for gimbals tho.
  • It’s possible that if the ship entirely loses power that it could fall out of the air & possibly trap it’s driver / have a crawling out animation OR something, it’s something they are looking into.

MISC Prospector FAQ

Welcome to Some More Star Citizen, today I wanted to talk more about the Prospector & the 2 Q&As that were done for it.

I’ll do a video & article like this with every concept ship Q&A compiling them and going into a bit more detail about the ship too.

If you’d like to read those Q&As or learn more about the Prospector or Mining Profession check the links below!



This is video is more specifically talking about those Q&As as well as points not addressed in my Original Prospector Concept Video.


General Ship & Equipment

The Prospector is most certainly for 1 Person only, it is designed with that in mind from life support, pilot seat and facilities. The Prospector is a dedicated mining ship and as such there are not any plans for salvage or repair variants of the ship at this time.

The General maneuverability is pegged currently as “the poorer side of average” The idea being that it will be in precision mode most of the time moving around asteroids. Don’t expect to win any races.

The Prospector will have 1 Light Shield Generator. The idea there is to protect it from rocks and debris not weapon fire.

It is also equipped with 2 size one laser repeaters and some basic countermeasures.

The Prospector can travel through small jump points & is equipped with a light Jump and light Quantum Drive.

There are not any escape pods on the Prospector but the door to the exit is close to you where ever you are on the ship.



Mining Lasers can be used as make-shift weapons although they are not designed for that role, their low damage, short range and high power draw making it only viable in dire situations. But it does deal damage & you could get lucky.

Mining Laser & Mining Equipment fit into specific hardpoints & require other systems connected to them to operate correctly, so only specialised ships will have the ability to mine.

You can leave your mining laser running and go afk or do other things around the ship but you will lose out on efficiency, managing the heat & power of your laser will be key to profitable mining. Also problems, gas pockets & other situations (based on where, what and how you are mining) may occur that require your attention or you risk damage to your ship & equipment.

The Prospector can land on planets or asteroids of an appropriate size enabling it to mine deeper than it might be able to from space. But it can do both space and landed mining.

The Prospector is much more of a scalpel than the Orion, it is able to pin-point specific pockets of minerals that it want’s to extract & just get them. Where as the Orion is more likely to much the entire asteroid. Scanner wise it will act like a shorter range accurate mineral detector than the Orion scanning single asteroids at a time, rather than a large group or field.

Planet-Side mining is still being worked out, they don’t have the numbers or mechanics for us at this time. But containers will be able to be dropped on planets or in space and stored by other ships.

All containers should be compatible with other ships.

So for example the containers that the Prospector drop can be easily attached to a Hull Series. But all Cargo containers will be as standardised as possible in the Verse for as much compatibility as possible.

In regards to it’s filtering & refining capabilities, the Prospector will be removing useless rock but is not as advanced as the Orion’s equipment which will be a lot more efficient.


The Prospector can hold 128 cargo units this includes all the container space & filled reserve containers. Containers will contribute to the mass of your ship. Jettisoning / detaching them will therefore decrease the prospectors mass making it a little more responsive. Currently that cargo is only planned for the use of Ore & as such the Prospector is unsuitable for general cargo.



There isn’t any specific planned interaction with the Orion and Prospector specifically together. Both ships synergies well with the Hull Series.

In the concept art, what is the large disc beneath the ship used for?

The large disc is acting as a conduit for the ship’s scanners. A large part of mining will be in scanning and finding the resources you want to mine in space, but especially planetside.



That’s all the info they gave us in those FAQs, The MISC Prospector won’t be available in game for a while, but should be on sale a few more times before now and the PU full release. So don’t worry if you haven’t grabbed one and you wanted it. You’ll also be able to get these in game without having to purchase them with real money you only need a game package!

Remember all commenters on my Channel throughout May are in for a chance to win a MISC Prospector – Details in the description!

Take care guys and I’ll see you in the Verse.