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Proactive Shield Management

Oftentimes, the time-to-kill in ship combat can feel fast in Star Citizen. I’m not worried. I’ve experienced faster and slower.  Plus we know that combat mechanics are still evolving, with adjustments coming down the pike. However, there’s something that we should all be doing now, that I rarely see pilots doing when watching their videos. […]

Drake Interplanetary Herald

The Drake Interplanetary Herald. The name rolls off the tongue with an impressive flair. I have visions of this baby dancing around in my head, thinking it might be hangar-ready in Star Citizen Alpha 2.5.  Let’s discuss this small ship that has a big place in my heart. Most players would likely agree, that the Herald isn’t the prettiest […]


Star Citizen Alpha 2.4’s Item Port System simplifies customizing your ship’s configuration, making it very intuitive to experiment with varying ship loadouts. As mentioned in a previous article, one of the first things I did was change the weapons on my Sabre. That said, how did I decide on the type of weapons I wanted […]