Star Citizen 2018 Roadmap Released!

Star Citizen 2018 Roadmap Released

On January 5th 2018, backers received and email from RSI that linked to this production update on the teams plans for 2018.  They gave us the full roadmap that is planned for Star Citizens development for the entire year.  As we heard at Citizencon, CIG plans to deliver quarterly releases starting in March of 2018, followed by June, then September, and finally wrapping up the year with their last major release in December.

The first release in March will be less about adding gameplay features, but all about performance optimizations and improvements to what was released for 3.0.  They do plan on adding a few gameplay features, but none of them were mentioned at all.  While I did hear some negative comments about the lack of gameplay additions in this patch, performance improvements make the current gameplay a lot more fun and simply playable.  In my opinion, some of the combat missions with sub 20fps are difficult and not enjoyable.  As a joystick user, the issues with ESP are frustrating.  A lot of these things could be improved simply by the game just being smoother.

In June, we get our first major gameplay content drops.  The team hopes to add the first iteration (tier 0) versions of: Mining, Salvaging, Mobile Refuling, and Repair.  While they will be first implementation and very basic most likely, this is the release most people are really excited for.  In addition to all of this, they want to add the ability to create player missions, which basically allows us to trade things and money.  Even more, the team is going to improve on the subsumption AI for both on foot and in ships.  I do believe we will see improvements on the AI around the landing zones before this though.

Moving on to September, CIG would like to add object container streaming.  This is a massively important piece of tech that needs to come online that will allow the game to expand into a proper universe.  For now we will see additional destinations added to the Stanton System in this patch, but this is the underlying tech to actually build the universe as we understand it.  With this addition the team would like to start testing land claims.

The last release in December is really vague, where the post states “Now that our streaming tech has been tested and can support the huge amount of new data content introduced, we will continue to expand the Stanton System, allowing players to explore, fulfill their career choices, and do many different types of missions, either with friends or on their own.”  It is hard to tell what exactly we will be exploring or playing in the final two patches, but you have to imagine a planet or two will be dropping in September and the complete system in Decemeber.

I think its very important to understand one thing, CIG CLEARLY states that they want to do quarterly releases REGARDLESS of what content is finished and ready for release.  If something isn’t ready it will get pushed back to the next release.  This absolutely will happen, be logical here with your expectations of 2018.  We hope to have a full Stanton System, and that’s it.  We will not see a Star Citizen release in 2018, but we will see a lot of the gameplay features that are needed fleshed out based on the expectations from the team, but again, please remember these aren’t promises, they are the teams goals.

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