Star Citizen Alpha 3.0 is Live!

Star Citizen Alpha 3.0 is Live!

The highly anticipated 3.0 patch is finally open to all backers after many months of testing with the Evocati Test Flight and on the Public Test Universe.  One year ago on December 24th 2016 Star Citizen 2.6 with Star Marine was released to the public.  This was the last major patch released by CIG to it’s backers until this weeks 3.0 patch.  Given the amount of time in between the two patch releases, there is a lot added to the latest update.  We will highlight the major changes in this post, but you can read the full patch notes for the 3.0 patch here.

Delta Patcher-

The Delta patcher may have been more anticipated by hardcore backers than any of the gameplay additions to the 3.0 patch.  This allows the backers to download updates much more efficiently than we have in the past, especially backers with data caps this helps immensely.  If you would like to download and install the new patcher click here.

Three Crusader Moons-

While this addition is less than what was originally said to be in the 3.0 patch (we were suppose to be landing on not only moons, but planets with cities and multiple biomes), the impact is still incredibly high.  The first time you go land on Daymar and see the atmospheric effects of the entry burn, there is nothing like it.  I will share CIGs description of the moons from their website below:

  • Cellin
    • Cellin is Crusader’s closest satellite. Visitors to the moon are greeted by the massive gas giant sitting prominently in the sky above. If you can take your eyes off the sky, then you’ll notice that Cellin’s flat surface is punctuated by dormant volcanoes.


  • Daymar
    • With the thickest atmosphere of the three moons, Daymar is covered with winding canyons and rugged mountain ranges, giving it the appearance of an arid, desert planet. Though Crusader has been granting mining licenses to tap into the moon’s resources, the atmosphere is unbreathable for Humans.


  • Yela
    • The third and final Crusader moon is Yela, the moon’s covered in ice crust on certain sections of the moon, while other parts are dominated by a typical mixture of soil and snow. The temperatures are quite bracing here, so plan to bring a thermos of tea or a nip of something stronger to help stay warm.


  • Levski
    • The home of the People’s Alliance, this new landing zone was founded in an abandoned mining facility as an egalitarian alternative to the UEE.

Surface Outposts-

On the planets there are a number of locations we can land, specifically surface outposts that are prominently displayed on our HUD’s.  These outposts are centered around the new dynamic missions system.

Mission System Update-

No more ICC missions!  We are now able to access our mission manager through our Mobiglass and accept over 20 different mission types, some with good and evil variants to take advantage of the reputation system.

  • Mission Givers

The team added two missions givers to the map, Miles Ekhart, and Ruto who are triggered through the reputation system and give the backers a different take on the mobiglass based mission system as you have to actually visit them (once summoned) to take their missions.

Items 2.0-

The items system has been updated in this patch that gives the player and their friends a lot more control with the ships.  We are now able to lock our ship from the cockpit as well as open doors using the interaction system.

Interaction System-

This is one of the most impactful changes to the game in this patch, almost everything revolves around it.  We use it to open doors, pick up cargo, place it, access MFDs, and other screens, as well as a number of other things.  By holding “F” you gain a number of options available to interact with items all over the world around you.


You can now purchase cargo at one location and sell it at another for a profit.  This is the first non-combat related gameplay added to the game yet.  I am really looking forward to seeing them implement more gameplay, but so much relies on them getting cargo working perfectly.

mobiGlas Apps-

Four major apps were added that better allow the backers to enjoy gameplay and customize their ships and characters:

  • Contract Manager: This is a redesign of the mission App that is currently available within mobiGlas and is the next step in allowing players more control over their mission tracking.
  • Personal Manager: This App will allow players to review their inventory and customize various aspects of their suit and weapons.
  • Vehicle Manager: This mobiGlas app allows the Player to modify/customize their ships directly rather than using the upright terminals.
  • StarMap: The Starmap will be introduced to allow players to view the Persistent Universe at large and select planets to quantum travel to.

New & Updated FPS weapons-

The team has been showing us updates to these guns for a LONG time, I am very pleased to have them in our hands.  Expect to see a deep dive into each one of these guns in the near future from the [REDACTED] team members.

  • BEHR P8-SC – SMG
  • APAR Scourge – Railgun
  • [UPDATED] KLWE Gallant – Rifle
  • [UPDATED] KLWE Arrowhead – Sniper Rifle
  • [UPDATED] KSAR Devastator-12 – Shotgun
  • [UPDATED] KLWE Arclight – Pistol
  • [UPDATED] Gemini LH86 – Pistol
  • [UPDATED] BEHR P4-AR – Assault Rifle

New & Updated Ships/Vehicles-

The highlight ship of the group is clearly the update Cutlass Black, i think they did a great job, and its useful in basically every mission available in the patch.

  • [Updated] Cutlass Black
  • Drake Dragonfly
  • Aopoa Nox
  • RSI Ursa Rover
  • RSI Constellation Aquila
  • MISC Prospector
  • Updated RSI Aurora
  • Aegis Sabre Raven

I hope you all enjoyed this post, what was the most exciting or important thing added to the patch in your opinion?  Share your thoughts in the comments section below.  Like what we do here at [REDACTED], consider supporting us on Patreon or even buying some merchandise on our TeePublic Store.  See you in the next post!