Crytek vs. Star Citizen Lawsuit [UPDATED]

CryTek vs. Star Citizen Lawsuit

On 12/12/17 the German publisher Crytek, famous for games like Far Cry and Crysis filed a complaint to a California District Court stating that Cloud Imperium Game was in breach of contract with them.  Crytek believes that CIG entered an agreement with them on these three key points as well as others:

  1. CIG promised to use CryEngine exclusively on Star Citizen.
  2. To collaborate with Crytek on their work with the engine including any changes they made.
  3. Protect Crytek’s intellectual property.

Their complaint alleges that:

  1. CIG decided to use the CryEngine early on for not just one game, but two Star Citizen and the single player campaign Squadron 42.  CryTek seems to be seeking damages on the unpaid licensing fees for the second game.
  2. They did not collaborate.
  3. They share CryEngine code on a number of their weekly shows, namely Bug Smashers.

I am not a lawyer by any means, I just wanted to share the basic facts with the community.  BoredGamerUK did a short video on this topic here, but I really want to send you over to a YouTuber that I like to watch when things like this arise.  It’s called The Lawful Masses with Leonard French:


BoredGamerUK did an video update on CIG’s response to the lawsuit from CryTek:

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