Star Citizen Performance Guide 3.0

Updated 28th December| Star Citizen 3.0 LIVE – This Article will be updated from patch to patch with the latest setup & optimization fixes, guides and signposting. Today I am going to show you various Tweaks to Star Citizen that you can use to improve performance on slower systems or make SC look better on higher systems OR a mixture of the two as well as other improvements for the game.
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Delete your USER Folder – This is a common fix for a lot of issues it’s in INSTALL FOLDER\StarCitizen\LIVE
Grab The Latest Graphics Card Drivers
AMD Radeon Adrenaline Drivers | 18.1.1 Alpha
Nvidia Geforce Drivers | 390.65
Setting your Page File
Star Citizen 3.0 loves page files.
  • Press Windows Key
  • Click In the Search Box
  • Search for “Control” then Click on it,
  • Click System
  • Click Advanced System Settings
  • Click the Advanced Tab
  • Under Performance, Click Settings
  • Under the Advanced tab Click Change…
  • Uncheck Auto manage
  • Set one of your Drives (preferably an SSD) to SYSTEM MANAGED SIZE
  • Set
  • All other Drives should be set to None (unless if the pagefile you set wasn’t on your OS drive & you want to leave 300mb on your main boot drive for “crash info & recovery”)
If you have loads of Ram some people recommend having no pagefile, though some applications require a page file to operate optimally.
Some people say if you have 16GB+ ram you should entirely disable pagefiles.
Some programs & games however are designed to operate with a Pagefile & for me it is literally faster to have one. But all gains seem to be pretty negligible.
Close The Launcher
The Star Citizen Launcher can be resource hungry, after the game is launched ensure it’s closed.
In fact you can create a shortcut to run the game from Cloud Imperium Games\StarCitizen\Public\Bin64 & Run the StarCitizen.exe (I suggest you run it as an administrator)
The Game doesn’t require the launcher to run as long as you have logged in once (it creates a login.json file) , IT DOES however need to be updated from time to time, so if you you are running straight from the .exe & you can’t get on try running the launcher, there might be an update.
Make Star Citizen Run Faster
Unpark Your Core & Threads
There is a great freeware program that stops threads from “parking” which is basically a power saving mode & makes sure they are ready to use constantly.
The effect of this is better performance in games & quicker response in general.
  • Download The CPU Unparking Utility
  • Run The EXE as an Administrator
  • Change The Slider to 100%
  • Apply & Close
Networking Improvements
The Star Citizen mini-PU servers are mostly Server bound when it comes to performance, hence why you sometimes only get 20fps but also the lack of regional servers can also lead to some Latency, poor Pings & Round Trip Times. Setting and Tweaking your Network Settings can help a lot.
TCP Optimizer 4
This program allows you to go through each of the important settings to Tweak your Rig & Network Adapter for Online Gaming & doesn’t require you to go thru the Registry.
  • Download the Program Here
  • Right Click TCPOptimizer & Run as Admin
  • Set Your Connection Speed & The Rest of The Options as Shown
You can do a bit of Research & maybe get better results too
  • Each of the Settings has a tooltip
  • You can read the full explanation and Program Manual Here
  • In The General Settings some of the settings require situational subjective optimization based on your needs, tho Optimal should still give you an improvement.
  • If You are Having Issues you can always set it to Optimal OR Windows Default
Making Star Citizen Look Better – SweetFX & Reshade
What is it?
SweetFX is a collection of post-processing shader effects for your games. Add SMAA anti-aliasing, sharpening, tweak the color, gamma, exposure and more. Xenthor’s Reshade is a great Star Citizen Pre-set for it that improves the way Star Citizen looks especially with Lighting, Shadows and General Visual Quality. There are 2 Shader Packs that I recommend you can choose between
Xenthor’s Reshade – My preferred Shader Pack, adds more defination and details to lighting and textures without over saturating color.
How to install
  • SweetFX can cause issues with MSI Afterburner & EVGA Precision.
  • After a Patch SweetFX & USER.cfg remain, I recommend moving or deleting and re-installing new supported versions.
DSR / VSR – Super Resolutions
What is it?
This is the process of downscaling higher resolutions to lower ones.
For example I use it to Render in 1440p or 4k then downscale it to 1080p
This gives some quality benefits in the forms of reducing Aliasing, detail is clearer, effects and shadows better, and overall image quality far superior.
This is an extremely resource intensive feature but for higher end machines or even for mid range machines wanting to downscale from 1440p you can get some amazing results.
Installing – Make sure you have the Latest Drivers for your Graphics Card Then:
AMD GFX VSR Settings – Virtual Super Res
Enable Virtual Super Resolution – Check On Apply
Nvidia DSR Settings (Dynamic Super Res)
DSR Factors – For 1080p Native – Choose 1.75x for 1440p & 4x for 4k
DSR – Smoothness (this reduces aliasing that occurs but you want to go for the lowest % you can for the best image quality without make images too jagged) You’ll want to adjust smoothness to your preference – For 1440p I go for around 17% but for 4k only 10%.
System Specs
  • Element Gaming Mechanical Keyboard – UK | US
  • Roccat Nyth Modular Mouse – UK | US
  • Roccat Apuri Bungee – UK US
  • Sennheiser HDR 180 Headphones – UK | US
  • Blue Yeti Microphone – UK | US
  • Thorshu Grey Space Crab Desktop Assistant
  • Logitech C922 Webcam – UK | US
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