Keep It Safe! Preserving Custom Keybindings

To say that Star Citizen has a lot of keybindings is in understatement. On top of which, the default settings might not feel intuitive for your personal tastes. Good news is that we can customize the settings to our liking for the keyboard, mouse, gamepad and joystick.

To Access Keybindings:

  • Press [Esc] to access the Main Menu
  • Choose Options
  • On the Options Menu choose Keybindings
  • Click [Advanced  Controls Customizations]

If you do customize the settings, it’s essential for your mental health that you make use of the export feature to save a copy of your configuration to an external file. You should also copy the XML file that is created, to a location outside of the Star Citizen game folders.  This will allow you to copy it back into the appropriate location after a new patch, which suggests deleting the USER folder, which would in turn delete your custom keybindings.

The other reason I recommend exporting/saving your custom keybindings, is that it allows you to experiment with variations. Using sensible naming conventions, you can try different settings until you find the one that works best for you, without having to muck with the keybindings back and forth.

I use very specific keybindings for character movement. I personally find that the QWERTY keys suit me better than WASD + modifiers to strafe and/or turn. As the behavior of features have changed, I’ve had to re-prioritize which actions are buttons on my HOTAS. Having different versions of keybindings I can test and retrieve at will, has been extremely useful.

With the continued refinement of the default keybindings, I’ve reverted to only changing the keybindings that are must haves for me. Things I can’t function without being set to my liking. Being able to import these back in after a patch is a huge time saver and a feature that all players should be aware exists. Here’s a link to the image in the video you can keep as a reminder of the steps.

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  1. eippohcs
    eippohcs says:

    Thank you [USER=566]@Alysianah[/USER] for the post. I certainly think this will help players that are new to the game or are less experienced. And as you said, key bindings have changed almost every new major patch and needing to 'learn' the game again and again.

    I personally have been less affected since I changed from keyboard+mouse to a separate keypad+mouse (since I'm a lefty, the left hand is for the mouse, right hand is for the 'WASD' keys).

    The key's on the keypad are assigned logical functions (e.g. 'strafe forward') and I assign the default bound keys for those functions. The logical function of key never changes (top left key on my keypad is always 'strafe forward'), so no learning each new patch.

    I only change my keypad config when a new patch comes out (IF key bindings are different), and can delete my USER setting whenever I want without loosing the most needed/used key bindings. It's my experience that with the 20 keys on my keypad I can have aprox 80% of functionality, so this works perfectly at the moment.

    Anyways…, thanks again for this 'nugget' of information!

  2. Alysianah
    Alysianah says:

    You're welcome and thanks for leaving feedback. On YouTube there are several comments from people who had no clue this existed and I'm glad they now know.Like other MMOs I play, I initially customized most of the keybinds and incorporated many into Voice Attack.  Once they started making changes I stopped that! too much work to maintain even when you're saving off a copy of your settings.

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