Ship Scale Viewer

Today we are taking a look at a couple of cool things made by the Community for looking at ship sizes and their scales.

Firstly there is a Forum post on the RSI Website:

Ship Dimensions Overview

This contains top down pictures of all the Star Citizen ships we have the specs of & their sizes.

You can see how the Idris compares to the Prospector for example

All the ships are sorted into their manufacturers & it even shows the footprints of the Caterpillar and Banu MM at the moment.

It’s regularly updated with the latest ships and is a forum post that you should bookmark.

Great work by sebman there the Original Poster.

I loved seeing how big the Hull E (Super Hauler) was compared to the 85X (which is the 890 Jump’s Shuttle)


And with a similar vain in mind let’s take a look at Star Citizen Ship Scale Viewer, This is a program you can grab from or the RSI Forum Post:

It’s built in the Unity Engine and takes the ships from the Star Citizen Holoviewer and allows them to be viewed in the Whiteboxed glory.

Now obviously these assets are simple versions of what we will get in game, the idea here is to get a feel for the scale of the ships and a basic look at the ship.

You can move around & explore the various exteriors of the ships

It is even Oculus Compatible, tho I have tried that myself with this, it works fine without VR too.

I am not sure how often it gets updated, but I hope one day we can see all the ships here.