Equipped: Arrowhead Energy Rifle

Klaus and Werner Arrowhead Energy Rifle

In this installment of Equipped we have a video to go along with our article!  Today, we are going to dive in on the Klaus and Werner Arrowhead Energy Rifle, Star Citizens first Sniper.  It was recently added to the PTU 2.3, and has been my favorite weapon to play with as it has totally changed the way I play in Crusader right now.  The first thing I am looking to do is find a sniper and take someones head off making their way from their ship to inside Security Post Kareah.

We usually speak about the manufacturer a bit before we dive into weapon stats and the like, but in a previous Equipped Article we gave you the background on Klaus and Werner, which can he found here.

The Energy Rifle, which I will now refer to as “the sniper” has taken the standard close quarters combat that we have been acostomed to since Crusader was implemented, and really changed the game quite a bit.  If you go to Security Post Kareah now, you will see red lasers flying down to the landing pads from the rafters of the station.  It really is giving a Day-Z feel to Crusader right now for me.

The most interesting thing about the gun is the way it functions, there is no gun like it in the game right now.  It does not have your standard fire modes we are used to like, semi-auto or auto, its fire mode is “charge”.  This means you can fire the gun in semi-auto, for base damage, or you can charge the weapon up to do even more damage!

Weapon Stats

Base Stats:

  • Rate of Fire – 2.5 Round/s
  • Damage – 8 Damage/Round
  • DPS – 20
  • Ammo Count – 40
  • Ammo Type – 10mm

Charge Stats:

  • Charge Time – 0.5 Seconds
  • Number of Charges – 4
  • Damage Multiplier- 1.5x
  • Damage with Full Charge -48
  • Rate of Fire (When Full Charged) 0.5 Rounds/Second
  • DPS – 24
  • Rounds/Charge – 1
  • Overheats at 8 Seconds of Charge

Now there is a another whole level to the charge mechanic!  If you hold the charge for 7 seconds, you hit “Overcharge” this applies an even higher damage multiplier, but you have only 1 second to fire the round with the max damage otherwise the weapon overheats and you have to wait 3 seconds to fire the weapon again.

Overcharge Stats:

  • Charge Time – 7 Seconds
  • Damage Multiplier – 3x
  • Damage with Full Charge – 96
  • Rate of Fire (When Overcharged) .12 Rounds/Second
  • DPS – 11.2

The DPS for the charged weapon modes might not look fantastic, but snipers are finesse weapons and with a single, well placed shot, you can kill your opponent from a range where they cant fathom hitting you with a killshot.  Both the charged shots and overcharged shots will kill a player if the shot hits the chest or the head, any other part of the body has zero effect as of PTU 2.3.

Through our testing we believe that a players health in the chest is ~10 and the head ~5.  A player in the standard issue “Light Marine” armor has a damage modifier of .6 (confirmed through the xml files) which bascially means it eats 40% of the damage dealt to it.  So if I fire my sniper without a charge it does 8 damage, with the armor’s modifier it brings my damage dealt to my opponent to 4.8, causing me to have to fire again to get to 9.6 and a final shot for the kill.  And this is why a charged shot anywhere on a player is a one-shot-kill, the base damage of 8 with the a single charge brings us to 12, but that is holding for only 1/2 a second, in most situations we will be holding for at least a second.  A one second hold or 2 charge shot deals 24 damage, with the armor modifier on our opponent we deal a total of 14.4 damage, a kill shot.

How to Obtain:

  1. Load into Crusader.
  2. Call up a ship.
  3. Turn 180° from Crusader to face the “back” end of Port Olisar
  4. Press “B” to bring up possible quantum drive locations and “Q-Drive” to Yela.
  5. Once there, cruise or quantum (make sure you get right in the middle or you will overshoot) to a large cluster of asteriods (they stick out like a sore thumb) and look for a bright green light.  The light should be visible from around 7k meters out so you should have a really large FOV in finding them.
  6. Once you are close enough EVA from your ship to the wreckage and check the open boxes for snipers, if they arent there, go to another cluster and search for more wreckage.
  7. Additionally, the rifle is now awarded in your bedroom in Port Olisar if you can manage to kill a level 5 criminal.

This article took a lot of hard work from myself and Proxus, please like comment and share if you enjoyed it!