About Us

[Redacted] is a group of dedicated Star Citizen streamers, YouTubers, and writers that strive to provide the best information on any subject to the community.  Not only do we ensure that the information we are providing to the public is correct, but we try and bundle it into a good looking and easy to navigate package.  Whether it’s the website, podcast, videos, or streams we intend to be the community’s leading content providers on all things Star Citizen.


    The team is comprised of the most knowledgeable Star Citizen content creators.  The community comes to us when they want to discuss the project.


    [Redacted] is comprised of the top streamers, YouTubers, and writers the Star Citizen community has to offer.  We have been a part of multiple CIG events and have a great relationship with the dev team.


    The team is not afraid to give constructive criticism during the development process.  The devs actually come to our community for feedback on current and future content.


Sat Feb 16 2019

@Ungineer_3d @starwars Holy memories batman!

Sat Feb 16 2019

@TitanfallBlog The P2020 and Mozy are terrible compared to everything else. You can still use them to defend yourself at a pinch though.

Sat Feb 16 2019

@VIRPILControls Very Nice!

Sat Feb 16 2019

Have had some really great streams with some genuine, deep discussions with everyone lately, I've really enjoyed th… https://t.co/eVmndJ2tJq